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Kiki Phukan Design has been creating showstopper homes for homeowners, builders and investors for over 15 years. We have helped homeowners make their dream homes a reality and investors create sought-after properties throughout Toronto and the GTA. Our specialty is custom home design & project management.


Our residential division focuses on a fully engaged process. Kiki works with the clients empathetically, helping them to define and gain clarity on their design vision. She has a multifaceted creative mind that evokes a sensory-driven living space to appease all the home's inhabitants and guests. From colour palettes to textiles to lighting and unique decor choices, Kiki's designs bring a progressive luxury to the residential homes she works on because of her years of experience in designing for high-end hotels internationally. 


With the knowledge of what it takes to design hotels, appealing to a variety of guests coming and going, as well as providing the luxurious aesthetic that hoteliers desire to achieve, Kiki and her team bring this mentality to every residential home project. They intend to ensure the client receives the maximum support throughout the entire process and work toward a highly collaborative experience with the clients and the vendors, suppliers, and other trades professionals brought in to work on the projects. Managing expectations and exceeding them is standard for Kiki Phukan Design. 


Different from a hotel is the more personalized touch in a home, ensuring the client's unique personality is highlighted and optimizing functionality in the design for ease of living. The design team takes the approach of a multi-sensory space; colour palettes are carefully considered, the textures of the fabrics chosen for drapery and furnishings, the hardware and fixtures in the kitchen and baths, the acoustics in a room for lots of sound or solitude and the lighting to work with the natural sun streaming in throughout the day.

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With a clear idea of your requirements, our design team comes up with a perfect concept accommodating your specifications and our creative visions for your home building or renovation project. For every new-build and remodelling project, we offer the latest convenience-driven and cost-saving products and systems as well as traditional construction options.


Our team of designers works with clients to prepare completed drawings for permit review. Our expertise is mainly in creating a modern design with mindful consideration for aesthetic appeal and longevity. Our team is proficient in creating Floor Plans, Space Planning, Millwork Drawings, 3D Rendering for Custom Homes, Complete Home Remodeling, Home Additions, Home Extensions, Kitchen Designs/Remodeling and Basement Remodeling/Designs.



As a full-service Interior Design firm, we do everything from space planning, lighting design, coordinating fixtures and finishes, decorating and furnishings. We source products from various suppliers to create a finished product that you will love.


Our Interior Designers will create optimum layouts for each area/room of your home to accommodate existing or new furniture and furnishings, create highly functional and impactful lighting plans to enhance the architecture of the property as well as source and coordinate new furniture and furnishings to create a highly desirable and comfortable home for you.

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A well-designed project can become a reality through skilled execution. Suitable materials combined with the right skills create a genuinely spectacular build or remodel. Sourcing products, scheduling timely deliveries, coordinating with 

tradespeople and clients are all tasks we undertake as part of our project management responsibilities. 

Managing large and small construction and renovation projects requires a lot of time and skills. We are experienced at managing budget and workflow, ensuring that supplies, labour and inspections are coordinated, and projects are completed to drawing specifications and code requirements. Generally, our project management services work well in tandem with any Architectural services and any construction, renovation, or interior design jobs we undertake.

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