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FF&A stands for furniture, fixtures and Accessories within the scope of a design project. Anything to do with movable parts of a building is considered part of FF&A design.

Specializing in FF&A doesn't mean a design firm doesn't handle the complete project including architectural design, drawings or drafting functions. However, the focus and strength of an FF&A designer lies in the ability to add livability and hospitality aspects to a building.

Working with the building shell, designers create functional and intuitive layouts, furniture arrangements and plans the use of the space for optimum comfort and style. Then comes the creation of many features that add unique and inviting luxury to a space including designing moulding, mill work, built-ins, feature walls, flooring patterns/designs, floor coverings and wall cladding such as wallpaper or paneling. Designers also curate and/or design fixtures and finishes such as lighting, hardware, railings as well as kitchen & bath fixtures. To finish off, they select and design furniture, art and accessories to put together numerous colours, materials, textures and styles to bring ultimate style and chic lifestyle to the building. Finally, part of a designer's job is also to source appropriate equipment and accessories to appropriately complement the look and function of the project.

Most full-service design firms offer both architectural design as well as FF&A services. However, every good designer specializes in a particular area of the field in order to gain expert status.

Kiki Phukan Design specializes in FF&A design services and provides end-to-end solutions to the hospitality and luxury residential industries.

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