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About Kiki

Principal Designer

I discovered my talent in hospitality design in University. I took on assignments that were challenging and my professors recognized that I could work outside the rules of design and create unique out-of-the-box concepts and interiors that were cutting edge. My career launched from this point and soon I was working on big name accounts such as Ralph Lauren, Ritz Carlton, Hilton Suites and Chase Manhattan in the top design house in Bombay. 

About Douglas

Business Development

In recent years, I have delved deeper into the hotel, resort & restaurant industries growing in my understanding of the needs of my clientele and developing products and services that align with their changing requirements. At Kiki Phukan Design we answer these changes with unique iconic interiors featuring upscale hospitality-grade furnishings, inclusive layouts with access to amenities and communications as well as outstanding decor.  


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Our Passion

For the new hotels and resorts that are entering the market our passion is to bring a completely fresh, brand-new design concept where modern lifestyle trends blend with boutique-style guest accommodations. Let's face it; much of the hotel and resort clientele today are living in homes that look nicer than many hotels and have all the top brand name amenities at their fingertips. How can you impress them? 

Contact us to ensure your project has the most current look and feel that discerning travelers are looking for. 

Get To Know 

Kiki Phukan Design

Kiki started her career in hospitality design at an early age working with powerhouse brands such as Ralph Lauren, Ritz Carlton, Hilton Suites and Chase Manhattan. Eventually, she Launched her own design firm and expanded to the North American market working on numerous hospitality projects designing and furnishing resorts, hotels, restaurants, event spaces, corporate lounges and more. Creating new cutting-edge design with a modern, future-friendly twist has become her signature style.    


Toronto & GTA

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