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Kiki is a multifaceted designer who focuses on relationship building with her clients to support them in completing their dream design projects. She remains present with their needs whilst still forging forward, offering cutting-edge design with a modern, future-friendly twist that has become her signature style. Kiki was seemingly born ambitious. Starting her career in India, she worked with a textile designer to conceptualize designs, produce branding photoshoots, and work with larger clients in hospitality. This dedication to the entirety of design projects led her to work with powerhouse brands such as Ralph Lauren, Ritz Carlton, Hilton Suites and Chase Manhattan. This includes signature textiles created with her unique eye. Kiki expanded to the North American market by starting her own design firm, working on luxury residential and hospitality projects designing and furnishing resorts, hotels, restaurants, event spaces, corporate lounges, etc. She is an exemplary model of someone who has been a dedicated dreamer. Her seriousness and her empathy come together for clients in a divine way. Kiki helps to tell an entire story through her designs like no other. Her designs can feel seductive because she enhances every fine detail with the understanding of a multi-sensory experience for the hotel guest or homeowner.


Doug is all about the details. He manages day-to-day operations and heads up business development and sales, particularly in the commercial and hospitality sectors. His business acumen is exemplary because, like Kiki, he also focuses on relationship building to understand the clientele's needs, developing products and services that align with their changing requirements. He loves engaging with the clientele, being onsite for projects and has always loved real estate, which was that initial spark that propelled Kiki Phukan Design forward. Doug brings an outstanding balance to Kiki regarding their respective roles. He focuses on making her creative decisions tangible. What's best is that he holds a grander vision for the company, that he can see all the brilliance of Kiki's continual accomplishments, and knows how to bring the right collaborations together. Doug is enterprising and engaging. He loves to work with equally open-minded collaborators to create unique iconic interiors featuring upscale hospitality-grade furnishings, inclusive layouts with access to amenities and communications, and outstanding decor.

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