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Interior Design Toronto

Upscale | Sophisticated | Refined

Luxury is a mindset; one that Kiki Phukan is able to express to her clients and deliver on all fronts—from her high-level, concierge-style service to the exclusive upscale interiors that reflect countless thoughtful design details, optimized function and that je ne sais quoi overall sense of well-being when you enter a space designed and curated by Kiki. An inevitable outcome thanks to her extraordinary journey exploring all aspects of luxury design and décor for more than 35 years.

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Mastering high-level design and executing every design detail in between, from exclusive custom homes and complete home remodels to creating cutting-edge commercial and hospitality spaces. Kiki Phukan Design caters to the most discerning of clients, and delivers excellence and affability at every phase of a design and build project. The result? Show-stopping homes are synonymous with the Kiki Phukan brand as well as positive and long-standing client-designer relationships that facilitate the process from mood boards to the finishing decorating touches.



Kiki and her team serve the full gamut of design services for residential, hospitality and commercial projects. By specializing in Furniture, Fixtures and Accessories (FF&A), the Kiki advantage is the ability to encapsulate a client’s vision with the creation of custom pieces that elevate the design while capturing the authentic style of the client. 


Kiki’s easygoing and non-judgmental approach immediately puts clients at ease from the initial consultation. The art of listening and hearing her clients’ needs and ideas is an integral part of the experience. Once Kiki shares her vision on the particular project, client feedback helps determine the direction and progress updates and further design decisions are communicated throughout the design-build process. Making clients part of her process is an essential part of the transformative design journey, which is aimed at getting clients what they want as well as opening their eyes to engage with better products that will ultimately enhance their lifestyle and broaden their outlook on interiors.

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Her refined and exquisite taste, appreciation for artisanal craftsmanship combined with a genuine passion to create next-level interiors for her clients, this is the Kiki Phukan trademark and one the entire team makes their top priority. Luxury lifestyle also equates to the mission of  living your best life; with Kiki’s design prowess,why not live your best life in a bespoke home that lives up to that promise?